Our Classroom & Equipment

At Northwest Backflow Educators we teach using the USC-FCCCHR 10th edition cross connection control manual. This manual is recognized around the world. It is fully illustrated for ease and thoroughness and is included in the cost of the 32 Hour License Preparation Course. We can ship your manual and other helpful study materials to you prior to the start of class to give you an early learner's advantage otherwise your manual will be available at the start of class if you have pre-registered.  Manual is available for any student to purchase at a discounted price.

Our lab tables are spill resistant and state of the art. We believe hands on beats lecturing every time. We can simulate 16 individual and many more combination failures at your personal work station. We like to keep class sizes small enough so sharing the hands-on stations is limited.

Our Mid-West 845-5 and Arbiter MK-5 lab gauges are in current calibration and well maintained. We are currently a distributor for both gauges and able to provide quick turn around recalibration for all brands of gauges.

Be prepared to be fully engaged in your class. You will use all your senses and will draw from your experiences.   

Our repair classes are hands on so you get to disassemble your favorite assembly and see how it functions. With over 50 years combined

experience in the cross connection control field we have many tips tricks and skills to share that will make your job easier and less stressful.

If you are a small municipality on a tight budget that wants to become more compliant with your program we can train your staff and show you how to implement your program without needing a high capital expenditure. If you just need someone to perform the survey, we can provide that service also.

Our staff

We have real world experience to go with our knowledge. We have implemented cross connection control programs for a city with over 80,000 citizens to HOAs with 40 homes. We recently implemented a turn-key cross connection control program for a research university with over 600 assemblies and 20,000+ students. Both instructors have owned and operated their own successful cross connection control testing companies. One of our instructors is also a water distribution operator, so we know the challenges you face every day and will be glad to share our experiences with you.

The professional staff at Northwest Backflow Educators is here to assist you with whatever your backflow needs may be.

 Joel Herron-Past Instructor     

                             Joel E. Herron Obituary September 24 2023 can be found at: www.aldenwaggoner.com/obituaries/joel-herron


                                                                                               Joel was known and respected by many as a collaborative founder of Northwest

                                                                                               Backflow Educators as well as numerous other brilliant companies that have been

                                                                                               instrumental in carving out water conscious communities across Idaho. He handed

                                                                                               down a wealth of knowledge to his students as well as his son Mike who had been

                                                                                              teaching alongside Joel full time since 2017. Mike will continue to teach the classes

                                                                                               with the assistance of Jacqueline and the dogs Eddy and Rosco.

Mike Herron-Instructor                                    Eddy & Rosco-Support Staff                                  Jacqueline-Admin Assistant